Name Leah
Marital Status Dating Stevie Lipa
Occupation Student
Actor Jessy Schram
First Appearance Needle in a Haystack
Leah was the girlfriend of Stevie Lipa, the patient in the Season 3 episode Needle in a Haystack.  She was portrayed by actress Jessy Schram.

Leah and Stevie were making out in car when Stevie suddenly had trouble breathing.  She called for help to a nearby Police Officer and Stevie was rushed to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

The team thought it might be an environmental toxin and asked Stevie for his home address so they could do an environmental scan.  However, they soon realized they were at the wrong house.  They came back and Stevie said they must have written the address down wrong, but Leah told the doctors that Stevie had lied about his address - he wanted to keep the doctors away from it because he was Roma and his parents believe that having non-Roma in their home pollutes it spiritually.

Soon, Stevie's parents arrive and start fighting with Leah, trying to keep her out of Stevie's room and blaming her for his illness.  When Stevie's symptoms are traced to a swallowed toothpick, the parents still blame Leah because the doctors told them that it was Stevie's making out that caused the actual perforation instead of the toothpick just passing through the digestive tract.

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