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Lawrence Kaplow is a writer, producer, and story editor for House M.D.

He has written or co-written the episodes:

  1. Paternity (Season 1)
  2. Detox (with Thomas L. Moran) (Season 1)
  3. Control (Season 1)
  4. Kids (with Thomas L. Moran) (Season 1)
  5. The Honeymoon (with John Mankiewicz) (Season 1)
  6. Autopsy (Season 2) - (Won Writers Guild of America Award)
  7. Distractions (Season 2)
  8. Who's Your Daddy? (with John MankiewiczCharles M. Duncan) (Season 2)
  9. No Reason (with David Shore) (Season 2)
  10. Meaning (with David ShoreGarrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 3)
  11. Cane & Able (with David ShoreGarrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 3)
  12. Half-Wit (Season 3)
  13. Human Error (with Thomas L. Moran) (Season 3)
  14. Not Cancer (with David Shore) (Season 5)
  15. Big Baby (with David Foster (II)) (Season 5)
  16. Under My Skin (with Pamela Davis) (Season 5)
  17. Brave Heart (Season 6)

He has been the Executive Story Editor for:

He produced or co-produced:

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