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Lavage (from the French for "wash") or therapeutic irrigation is the medical term for any cleaning or rinsing for medical purposes. Some examples are:

  • Antiseptic lavage, using an antiseptic or anti-fungal solution on a hollow organ, usually one of the intestines.
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage, where an endoscope is used to inject a small amount of water into the lungs where it is recollected for testing.
  • Gastric lavage or more colloquially "stomach pump", where the contents of the stomach are removed.
  • Peritoneal lavage, where liquid is injected into the peritoneum and removed for testing.
  • Arthroscopic lavage, where an arthroscope is used to wash out blood, debris or other fluid from a joint.
  • Ductal lavage, where a small amount of fluid is injected into the breast to collect milk producing cells for testing.
  • Ear lavage, or ear wash, to clean out the outer canal of the ear.
  • Pulsed lavage, using pulsed water under pressure to clean out open and chronic wounds.

Therapeutic irrigation at Wikipedia

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