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Personal Information
Marital Status

Dating Seth Miller

Acting Information

Treshelle Edmond

First Appearance

House Divided


For other uses of "Laura", see Laura (disambiguation)

Laura is the deaf girlfriend of similarly deaf Seth Miller in the Season 5 episode House Divided.  She was portrayed by actress Treshelle Edmond.

Laura is at the wrestling match providing encouragement to Seth at the beginning of the episode, communicating with him in American sign language. She later moves into the stands so she can wave her hands to cheer for him.

She spends as much time with Seth at the hospital as possible.  

After Seth gets a cochlear implant against his will, Laura comes to visit him again.  To find out where the bathroom is, she has to speak to Thirteen.  Seth hears her voice for the first time and realizes he never knew what she sounded like.

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