LL Cool J
Biographical Information
Born January 14, 1968
Birthplace Bay Shore, NY
Gender Male
Years Active 1986-Present
Role Clarence
Season Season 2
Episode Acceptance
James Todd Smith, better known by the name LL Cool J (for Ladies Love Cool James) is an American rap singer and actor. He played Clarence, a death row inmate suffering from an adrenaline producing tumor in Acceptance.

Cool J has been one of the leading rap artists since his 1985 debut Radio. He has released a dozen albums since and has been one of the few rap artists to maintain consistent popularity for a period of almost thirty years.

He is also an accomplished actor, having over twenty film and television credits since his debut playing a rapper in Wildcats in 1986. From 1995 to 1999, he starred in In The House as Marion Hill. Perhaps his best known role was in the re-make of Rollerball as Marcus Ridley.

He currently stars with Chris O'Donnell in the CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles, a spin-off of the original NCIS series as Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL and NCIS Special Agent.

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