Kicked Man
Name Kicked Man
Actor Damon Lindelof
First Appearance The Dig
The Kicked Man was the man standing in the doorway who Thirteen kicked in the groin after she was released from prison in the Season 7 episode The Dig. He was portrayed by actor Damon Lindelof..

When House picked up Thirteen from prison, she soon found out he had no intention of taking her straight back to Princeton. She finally agreed to go with him, but insisted that they stop off somewhere on the way.

House drove Thirteen to a house in a nice neighborhood and she went up to the door. When the man opened the door, she immediately delivered a knee to his groin, then bent over to whisper something to him.

She later admitted that the man was a boyfriend of one of her cellmates, and that he had cheated on the cellmate. Thirteen agreed to exact revenge when she was let out.

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