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Keo was the flight attendand on the Singapore to New York flight in Airborne.  She was portrayed by actress Tess Lina.

When Peng gets sick, Keo asks if anyone in first-class is a doctor.  House went to get Cuddy, who he had bumped into coach.  

However, when Peng got even sicker, House started a differential diagnosis and asked Keo questions regarding what meals had been served.  She was very co-operative and arranged to provide House with everything she could.  She also served as a liaison with the cockpit.  When Peng was diagnosed with decompression sickness, they told her to ask the pilots to fly below 5,000 feet so that the air pressure in the cabin would rise.  

After the crisis, Keo pushed House off the plane in a wheelchair and told him she was in New York every other Monday.  House asked if she was handicap accessible.  

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