Kayla (wife)
Name Kayla
Marital Status Married to Randy
Actor Corri English
First Appearance Better Half

For the patient in The Mistake, see Kayla McGinley. For the sick newborn in Unplanned Parenthood, see Kayla.

Kayla was a clinic patient in the Season 8 episode Better Half. She was portrayed by actress Corri English.

Kayla was seen by James Wilson in the clinic. He diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection. As these are often associated with pregnancy, he suggested a pregnancy test. However, Kayla told Dr. Wilson that she was asexual although she had been happily married in a sexless marriage for ten years. Dr. Wilson was surprised, but looked it up and found that about 1% of the population identifies asexuality as their sexual orientation.

Dr. Wilson discussed the woman's sexual orientation with Gregory House. He was incredulous and bet $100 that he could find a medical reason for her lack of sexual desire. Because Dr. Wilson was rightfully afraid that House would treat the patient badly, he put on a condition that House have absolutely no contact with the patient. Dr. House agreed to limit himself to the patient's chart and remaining test samples.

Dr. House enlisted Jessica Adams and Chi Park to help him run tests, but they were all normal.

Dr. House then came up with the theory that Kayla's sex drive was normal, but she had agreed to give up sex because her husband had a medical condition that affected his sex drive. On the pretext of giving him a flu shot, he called the husband in and ran tests on him. Dr. Wilson protested, but Dr. House pointed out that only the wife was out of bounds.

Dr. House was right. He found signs of a tumor of the pituitary gland in the tests and Dr. Wilson ran scans to confirm. He discussed treatment options and told him that the treatment would most likely increase his sex drive. He was opposed, but his wife said that given he had a brain tumor, he had to take the treatment. She also told him that she had sex before she met him and had enjoyed it. She gave it up because he wasn't interested in it.

Dr. Wilson paid off the bet.

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