Name Kate
Actor Tasha Taylor
First Appearance Needle in a Haystack

Kate was the mother of Jack, the young clinic patient in the Season 3 episode Needle in a Haystack.  She was portrayed by actress Tasha Taylor.

Jack told Kate he was too sick to go to school and she told him it was either a trip to the doctor or go to school.  Jack chose the doctor and she took him to the clinic where they were seen by Gregory House.  Kate told House that she didn't really think Jack was sick, but she told him he had to go to the doctor or school.  House was a bit upset as he doesn't like parents to use the doctor as a threat to their children.  To teach her a lesson, he offered to give Jack an intramuscular injection of saline, which he assured her would be really painful, but wouldn't cause any damage.  When she hesitated, he reminded her that using a doctor as a threat is really not a good strategy to ensure their children had a good relationship with doctors.  He then asked Jack if his mother was stupid.  Jack nodded and House sent them on their way.

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