Name Justine
Marital Status Single
Occupation Lawyer
Actor Gabrielle Christian
First Appearance Unplanned Parenthood

Justine is the older daughter of Abbey and the older sister of Kayla in the Season 7 episode Unplanned Parenthood. She was portrayed by actress Gabrielle Christian.

Justine arrives when her mother has almost given birth to Kayla. She is recording the birth on a videocamera, but when Kayla arrives, Justine is asked to leave the room by the nurses because Kayla is obviously in distress.

As Kayla starts to recover, Justine starts to feel a little jealous. Apparently, her own relationship with Abbey was quite strained as Abbey was a career woman like Justine when Abbey was young and mostly left Justine's upbringing to other people.

However, when it is discovered Abbey has cancer, Justine is shocked that she will not accept treatment, preferring to use the antibodies that are fighting the cancer to treat Kayla. Justine urges Abbey to change her mind to no avail.

When Abbey dies due to her cancer, and it turns out that Kayla can be treated with Abbey's blood, Justine breaks down in tears, vowing to take care of Kayla so that she can tell her that her mother sacrificed herself.

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