Julie Whitner
Name J. Whitner MD
Occupation Doctor in Research
Actor Wendy Makkena
First Appearance Needle in a Haystack

Julie Whitner is a doctor in the episode Needle in a Haystack.  She is a research physician who is paralysed below the waist.  As a result, she gets House's parking spot. 

When House comes to work, he notices his parking spot has been moved across the row and he's slightly farther away from the main entrance.  He notices the spot is now reserved for "J. Whitner". His team tells him who she is and that she was in a wheelchair.

House then goes to confront Whitner about his parking spot. She said that she got it because it of the risk of her being hit by a car because they couldn't see her. However, House argued he had to actually walk into the hospital on his bad leg where as she just had to push a button on her power wheelchair.

House decided to take it to Cuddy who told him that if he could spend one full week in a wheelchair, she would let him keep his spot.

Whitner tried to ingratiate herself to House by agreeing with him by saying Cuddy had nice breasts, but House realized what she was up to and refused to play along.

In the end, House loses the bet by getting out of his wheelchair to rush to the operating room.  However, he guilts Cuddy into giving back his spot.