Julie (girlfriend)
Name Julie
Marital Status Dating Will Westwood
First Appearance Love is Blind

Julie is the unseen girlfriend of Will Westwood in the Season 8 episode Love is Blind.

When Will winds up in hospital, Melissa is with him and they explain they have been separated for several months so they were both free to date other people. Taub first believes it was Will's idea, but later is told it was Melissa's. Will was ready to marry Melissa, but she insisted that since she was his first girlfriend, they should be on a break to be sure.

Will later explains that he started dating Julie during the break. He was ready to marry Julie, who didn't treat him like he was helpless despite his blindness. He was about to break the news to Melissa when he was hospitalized, but didn't want her to leave. He also didn't want Julie to know he was in hospital because he was afraid she would be too worried.

Will soon breaks the news to Melissa that their relationship is over and she leaves the hospital. However, when the team tells her that Will won't accept treatment because of the possibility of deafness from the treatment, she comes back and tells him she wants him to live so she can be with him even if he is deaf and blind

After Will recovers, he decides he wants to be with Melissa..

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