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Jose is a clinic patient in the Season 6 episode Remorse. He was portrayed by actor Jaime Alvarez.

Jose came to the clinic because he had injured his hand. He was seen by James Wilson. As Wilson was doing stitches, Gregory House dropped by to see him. Jose asked, in Spanish, who he was and Wilson clumsily tried to tell Jose that House was a doctor, but used the wrong word ending. House, who is fluent in Spanish, corrected the term although it was clear the patient understood Wilson's clumsy attempt. After House and Wilson chatted, House went to leave and turned to Jose and told him that he knew that he had lied about how he got injured. House saw that the patient had been using a lot of eye drops and figured it was because he had gotten stoned at work. He told him not to get stoned and not to use so many eye drops. When Wilson asked what House had said, Jose just told him that House had said he was a good doctor.

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