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Joe Morton
Biographical Information
Born October 18, 1947
Birthplace Bronx, NY
Gender Male
Years Active 1970-Present
Role Gary H. Wright
Season Season 1
Episode Role Model

Joe Morton at ComicCon 2009, courtesy Wikipedia Commons

Joe Morton is an American character actor who played Senator Gary H. Wright, the patient in the Season 1 episode Role Model.

Morton started in television with a bit part on Mission:Impossible in 1970. However, he has been in a number of notable roles since:

  • His first regular role was on the short lived Sanford & Son spin-off Grady.
  • He played the title character in the well regarded independent film Brother from Another Planet.
  • He played Miles Dyson, the computer scientist who was unwittingly creating the computer which would take over the world in Terminator 2.
  • He portrayed Mike James in Equal Justice.
  • He portrayed Keanu Reeves' commanding officer Captain McMahon in Speed.
  • He had a recurring role as Dr. Steven Hamilton in Smallville.
  • Like Peter Jacobson, he had a recurring role as an attorney (the character was named Leon Chiles) on Law & Order.

He currently appears as Henry Deacon on the series Eureka.


Joe Morton at IMDB

Joe Morton at Wikipedia

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