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Jessica Adams
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Odette Annable

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Twenty Vicodin

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Everybody Dies


Dr. Jessica Adams was a major character on House during the last season of the series. She was one of the latest members to join House's Diagnostic Team. Originally, she was a prison doctor who appeared in the season premiere of the eighth season. She worked at the prison where Gregory House was jailed after he crashes his car into Cuddy's living room. 

She met House in the episode Twenty Vicodin, and from there, they shared a special relationship. She joined House's Diagnostic Team in the third episode of season 8. She worked with the new team consisting of Dr. Park, Dr. Taub and Dr. Chase.

After House's "fake death", she's present during his funeral, and after that, she stays in the team, only with Park and Taub, because Chase is the new Head of Diagnostics.

She was portrayed by Odette Annable.

Character BackgroundEdit

In Twenty Vicodin, it is revealed that Adams is from "old money" (a wealthy family) and did her residency at Johns Hopkins Medical School. It is clear by Charity Case that she has no money concerns whatsoever as she buys expensive shoes and gives gifts even when she's out of work. In Perils of Paranoia, Chase suspects that Adams enjoys shooting firearms; this is confirmed in Runaways, when she wins a bet with House by shooting a clay pigeon with a single bullet.

As a junior in high school, she ran away from home because she was the only person she knew whose parents weren't divorced or having an affair and she figured that the lives of dysfunctional families were somehow "deeper". She lived with an older man in Manhattan for two months before returning home.

Adams married very young and has recently divorced her husband after finding him cheating on her. She took out her rage on a plastic skeleton while House watched. She is also left-handed, a trait she shares with Eric Foreman and James Wilson.

Odette Annable described her own character as very funny and enthusiastic. She believes in redemption and second chances. She also thinks kangaroos are "so cute". On the other hand, Hugh Laurie said "She's someone in the system who could turn into a potential ally".

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