Jerry Barrett
Name Jerry Barrett
Marital Status Single
Occupation Banker
Actor Thom Bishops
First Appearance Moving On

Jerry Barrett is a suitor of Lisa Cuddy in the Season 7 episode Moving On. He was portrayed by actor Thom Bishops.

Cuddy is picking up a coffee when Jerry approaches her. Cuddy's sister Julia has been showing Jerry pictures of her and telling Jerry she's single. He tells her about this, but is rather clumsy and Cuddy is so worried that she denies being herself in order to try to cut him off.

However, she reconsiders after speaking to Julia and invites Jerry over to her house with Julia and her husband. Unfortunately, Gregory House goes over to return Cuddy's hairbrush and sees her with Jerry. Cuddy had told House earlier in the day she hadn't been seeing anyone else, and House, feeling betrayed, gets angry and drives his car into her living room.

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