Jason (clinic patient)
Name Jason
Occupation College student
Actor Adam Cagley
First Appearance Blowing the Whistle

For the hostage taking patient in the episode Last Resort, see Jason.

Jason was the young clinic patient in the Season 8 episode Blowing the Whistle. He was portrayed by actor Adam Cagley.

Jason came to the clinic because he wasn't feeling well. He was seen by Gregory House who quickly came to the conclusion that he had been drinking heavily. Jason insisted he had "only had about eight beers" and that as a beer pong player, he had a high tolerance for alcohol. House got him to sing while jumping up and down on one foot. He examined him again and realized he had been drinking green beer for St. Patrick's Day and he was intolerant to the green tartrazine dye in the beer. He told Jason to stick to whiskey and told him he would be fine in 48 hours.

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