Jamie Conway
Name Dr. Jamie Conway
Occupation Hospital inspector
Actor Rob Benedict
First Appearance Living the Dream

Dr. Jamie Conway was the hospital inspector in the Season 4 episode Living the Dream. He was portrayed by actor Rob Benedict.

Dr. Conway is outside the hospital explaining to Cuddy that he showed up a month early in order to catch the hospital off-guard. While he's recommending the crosswalk be moved, he spots someone driving a limousine up to the hospital entrance. It turns out to be House, who has hijacked Evan Greer. Cuddy pretends she doesn't know who House is.

Later Cuddy goes to the morgue because she wants to make sure it's ready for the inspection and finds House breaking the rules by eating a sandwich. House quickly negotiates a new television for his office by threatening to let Conway know. Cuddy folds and House tells Conway he's there for another reason.

However, Conway eventually catches up to House and finds he gave a risky treatment to Greer. He admonishes Cuddy for letting House do it and arranges for the hospital to be fined $200,000.

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