James LeGros, courtesy gdcgraphics, via Wikipedia

James LeGros
Biographical Information
Born April 27, 1962
Birthplace Minneapolis, MN
Gender Male
Years Active 1984-Present
Role Oliver
Season Season 8
Episode Everybody Dies

James LeGros is an American actor. He was the last guest star on House, M.D., portraying the drug-seeking patient Oliver in the Season 8 and series finale Everybody Dies.

LeGros has played many featured roles in his over 25 years of acting, including roles in Point Break, Phantasm II, Drugstore Cowboy, Guncrazy, Leather Jackets, Bad Girls, Living in Oblivion, Destiny Turns on the Radio, Pronto, ER, Enemy of the State, Psycho, Ally McBeal, Lovely & Amazing, Sleeper Cell, Vantage Point, Sherman's Way, Winged Creatures, Mercy, Mildred Pierce, Justified and Girls.


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