Name Jaimie
Marital Status Married
Occupation Lawyer
Actor Michael Gladis
First Appearance Family Practice

Jaimie is the brother of Rachel Taub. He is an insurance company defence lawyer. He appears in the Season 7 episode Family Practice. He was portrayed by actor Michael Gladis.

Jaimie has never much liked Taub but agreed to help him out so he could make support payments to his sister. He offered Taub a job as a non-testifying medical expert for about $50,000 a year for 15 hours of work a week. Taub was somewhat desperate and accepted.

However, Taub saw an x-ray of one of the opposing plaintiffs, Timothy a boy who was injured in a very bad traffic accident. Taub becomes convinced the x-ray shows a dangerous injury and eventually seeks out the boy's mother Kara and convinces her to take Timothy to the hospital.

The anomaly was a harmless irregularity in the skull, but Kara was mad that Jaimie hadn't told her about it and withdrew from a settlement agreement. Jaimie was enraged by the settlement falling apart and tracked Taub to the hospital where he punched him and told him to stay away from Rachel.

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