Jack (clinic patient)
Name Jack
Occupation Student
Actor Tyrace Richardson
First Appearance Needle in a Haystack

This article is about the young clinic patient in Needle in a Haystack. For the patient in Larger than Life see Jack.

Jack was a young clinic patient in the episode Needle in a Haystack. He was portrayed by actor Tyrace Richardson.

That morning, Jack told his mother Kate that he was too sick to go to school because he had a sore throat. She figured he was malingering and threatened to take him to the doctor if he didn't go to school. When he refused to go to school, she took him to the clinic and they were seen by Gregory House who did a quick examination and found nothing wrong. The mother told Dr. House she suspected Jack was lying about being sick so she threatened to take him to the doctor. Dr. House told Kate that children often get scared of going to doctors because their parents treat it as a threat and decided to teach her a lession. He grabbed a syringe full of saline. When Kate asked what he was going to do, Dr. House told her that he was going to do an intra-muscular injection - harmless but very painful. He said that would teach the kid not to lie about being sick. Kate was astounded and Dr. House turned to Jack and asked if his mother was always this much of an idiot. He nodded silently. Feeling his job was done, he left the room.

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