Name Ingrid
Occupation Masseuse
Actor America Olivo
First Appearance Detox
Last Appearance Who's Your Daddy?

Ingrid is a foreign masseuse who House hired to massage his leg. She is very attractive and House described her as "$500 an hour.... at least", initially believing her to be a prostitute. She speaks only enough English to perform her job.

In "Detox", Cuddy gives House a month off clinic if he can go a week without Vicodin. He is in terrible pain so Wilson hires Ingrid to massage House. He initially resists until she starts massaging his hand.

In "Who's Your Daddy?", House hires her again. Wilson walks in on them and mistakes it for having sex but he soon recognizes her. Wilson thought his leg was in more pain than usual because he was wrong about a patient.

Ingrid appears again in the online Nurse Jeffrey episodes. It is revealed that her native language is French. She denies ever having sexual relations with House, saying she has friends who she refers House to when he wants sex for money.


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