Name Ina
Actor Carol Herman
First Appearance Post Mortem
Ina was an elderly lady on the outskirts of Cleveland in the Season 8 episode Post Mortem. She was portrayed by actress Carol Herman.

Wilson had disabled his brand new Corvette and found Ina waiting at a bus stop.  She assured him that the busses ran every few minutes.  Wilson sat to wait but House was skeptical because they had been waiting a while without any bus coming. House questioned Ina, who was of the belief the bus ran to Jupiter, Florida.  Realizing she was suffering from dementia he hailed a cab and told Wilson they had just enough money to get to Cleveland to meet Julie Christie.  However, Wilson would not leave Ina alone at the bus stop even though the cabbie had called for police assistance.  House realized that Wilson's alter ego Kyle Calloway had disappeared and sat down next to Wilson and Ina to wait for the police.