In House M.D. - Critical Casesimaging is one of the mini-games used to gain Budget.  It costs 5 Energy points to use the imager.

Imaging is a memory game which contains three icons - red, yellow and blue.  When a square is clicked, it reveals one of the colors and the player must choose a square with a matching color.  If the squares don't match, they are both hidden until they are clicked again.

The more consecutive matches the player makes without mistakenly turning over two non-matching squares that were previously revealed, the higher the amount received for each match, although this amount tops out at $10 of budget.

If the game is played while examining the main patient instead of a Clinic Patient, the amounts earned are doubled.  

Two tokens can be earned while playing imaging.  One is one of the chickens portrayed in the episode Last Temptation.  The other is Steve McQueen.  The chickens can be traded for a coffee, which restores a small amount of Energy.  The pets can be traded for a Panacea, the most desirable bonus.  

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