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About House, M.D.

House, also known as House, M.D., was a critically-acclaimed American medical drama television series created by David Shore and executively produced by film director Bryan Singer. The Emmy and Peabody award-winning medical drama debuted on the FOX Network on November 16, 2004, and aired its last episode on May 21, 2012.

For eight years the show brought in people from around the globe, bringing intrigue and mystery in the form of unusual medical cases in a vein reminiscent of the mysteries solved by Sherlock Holmes. Furthermore, these cases were the catalyst for the discussion of philosophical and ethical issues and decisions, a lot of which were not left with a clear victor, but all of which revealed more and more of the character of each of the different doctors that comprised the team each year. In the end, while the team didn't completely understand (or appreciate) House's methods fully, the show gives a final hurrah as each of the members walks away with something they realize was the right thing to do after all. Although the mantra "Everybody Lies" is proven over and over again, the concept that "people never change, they only come up with better lies" is tested up until the last moments as the characters (and the show) drive off into an adventure left to the imagination.

Everything is challenged, nothing is sacred, and the most profound revelations of life can be found within the 172 hours of television given over the course of the eight seasons of pill-popping, dripping sarcasm, dark humor, and intelligent storytelling ever to grace the small screen of the living room (or large screen, if that may be the case, but then...everybody lies). This wiki is intended for your perusal to catch up, read, make new or more complete connections on various subject matter, or perhaps relive the funny if outrageous times given to us by actor Hugh Laurie and company.


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Larger than Life

Larger than Life is a 7th season episode of House that first aired on January 17, 2011. It was written by David Hoselton. Candice Bergen appears as Cuddy’s Mom Arlene Cuddy in this episode. The team treat a man who collapsed after selflessly saving a fellow commuter who had fallen on railway tracks. House is sure that the man’s selflessness is a symptom of a much deeper condition, while Masters insists that anyone is capable of a random act of heroism and focuses instead on the more prosaic symptoms, fighting with House all the while about the proper way of going about the diagnosis. Meanwhile, House’s hypochondriac clinic patient turns out to be Cuddy’s Mom and he finds himself at a loss for words when he’s required to sit in on Cuddy’s birthday dinner with her mother and Wilson.

Not very many episodes of the series develop characters other than House, and this is a happy exception. The introduction of Arlene Cuddy, even at this late stage, helps to develop Lisa Cuddy's character with the audience. Arlene's return later in the season only increases our insight.

The remarkable thing is not that Cuddy shares characteristics with her mother (like her forcefulness and ability to speak her mind) but as with the introduction of John House in Season 2, we see someone who is actually capable of significantly changing the behavior of a main character. As House reacts to the presence of his father by stopping the wisecracks and acting respectfully, Cuddy similarly becomes a lot more reserved when she's around her mother (something House points out a few episodes later in Family Practice - Cuddy is willing to confront absolutely anyone... except her own mother).

Meanwhile, the patient of the week once again allows House and Masters to have their usual discussion about human nature - in this case the nature of altruism. Masters believes, correctly as it turns out, that the patient's altruism is spontaneous, while House is convinced it's a symptom of an underlying pathology. Although House is wrong on this occasion (and this isn't the first time) his insights into the basics of human nature have been shown to be correct before.


A man is with his daughter on a subway platform when a woman has a seizure and falls on the railway tracks. The man jumps onto the tracks and tries to revive the woman. When he realizes the train is coming, he cries for help, but at the last moment he covers the sick woman’s body with his own, getting them both off the rails. The train stops on top of them, then moves off to show that they have both survived. The woman seems to be recovering and the crowd on the platform applauds the man. He sees a medic alert bracelet and realizes the woman is an epileptic. However, as he stands to re-join his daughter, he collapses.



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House: "Is this hell? An eternity of people trying to convince me to live?"
Cameron: "Who says I'm here to convince you to live?"
―Cameron's hallucination appears in Everybody Dies
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House Season Eight (2012) - Home Video Trailer for House Season Eight00:37

House Season Eight (2012) - Home Video Trailer for House Season Eight

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