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About House, M.D.

House, also known as House, M.D., was a critically-acclaimed American medical drama television series created by David Shore and executively produced by film director Bryan Singer. The Emmy and Peabody award-winning medical drama debuted on the FOX Network on November 16, 2004, and aired its last episode on May 21, 2012.

For eight years the show brought in people from around the globe, bringing intrigue and mystery in the form of unusual medical cases in a vein reminiscent of the mysteries solved by Sherlock Holmes. Furthermore, these cases were the catalyst for the discussion of philosophical and ethical issues and decisions, a lot of which were not left with a clear victor, but all of which revealed more and more of the character of each of the different doctors that comprised the team each year. In the end, while the team didn't completely understand (or appreciate) House's methods fully, the show gives a final hurrah as each of the members walks away with something they realize was the right thing to do after all. Although the mantra "Everybody Lies" is proven over and over again, the concept that "people never change, they only come up with better lies" is tested up until the last moments as the characters (and the show) drive off into an adventure left to the imagination.

Everything is challenged, nothing is sacred, and the most profound revelations of life can be found within the 172 hours of television given over the course of the eight seasons of pill-popping, dripping sarcasm, dark humor, and intelligent storytelling ever to grace the small screen of the living room (or large screen, if that may be the case, but then...everybody lies). This wiki is intended for your perusal to catch up, read, make new or more complete connections on various subject matter, or perhaps relive the funny if outrageous times given to us by actor Hugh Laurie and company.


Current Featured Article

Rebecca Adler

Rebecca Adler was the patient in the episode Pilot. She was portrayed by actress Robin Tunney. Adler is the first ever patient that House and his team successfully treated and cured on the series.

The character was named after Irene Adler, the antagonist of the Sherlock Holmes short story "A Scandal in Bohemia". In turn, Adler was based on Lillie Langtry, a famous and beautiful actress who was, for a time, the mistress of the future Edward VII of the United Kingdom.

Medical History

The patient had no abnormal pathologies prior to a display of oral aphasia. She has no family history of cancer. She is of Jewish heritage. Her mother died three years previously from a heart attack. Her father is disabled due to a serious back injury suffered while doing construction work. She owns a dog.

Case History

Melanie: "You're lying aren't you?"
Rebecca: "I wouldn't lie to you."
―Rebecca, about her boyfriend
The patient suffered a collapse and seizure following a display of oral aphasia while teaching her kindergarten class. The patient was admitted by James Wilson following an oncology consult in the emergency room. Her mental status continued to deteriorate after admission. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor despite the lack of protein markers for the condition. Dr. Wilson doubted that the diagnosis was correct given her young age and her lack of a family history of the disease. The patient also failed to respond to radiation therapy. Dr. Wilson convinced Dr. House to take the case, saying she was his cousin, although Dr. House also agreed with the diagnosis of brain cancer.

The patient's brain scan clearly did show a lesion. However, Dr. House began to doubt it was a tumor because the CT Scan was clear. Robert Chase suggested it might be an aneurysm or a stroke, and Dr. House agreed to a contrast MRI. Allison Cameron suggested Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Eric Foreman suggested Wernicke's encephalopathy and Dr. House agreed to re-do the lab tests as they were originally negative. ....


Current Featured Quote

House: "Is this hell? An eternity of people trying to convince me to live?"
Cameron: "Who says I'm here to convince you to live?"
―Cameron's hallucination appears in Everybody Dies
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House Season Eight (2012) - Home Video Trailer for House Season Eight00:37

House Season Eight (2012) - Home Video Trailer for House Season Eight

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