House M.D. Doctors

Dr. Gregory House

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Dr. James Wilson

Dr. Eric Foreman

Dr. Robert Chase

Dr. Chris Taub

Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Deceased)

Dr. Allison Cameron (former)

Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley

Dr. Martha M. Masters (new)

Dr. Amber "Bitch" Volakis (Deceased)

Dr. Jeffery Cole (former)

Dr. Travis Brennan (former)

Dr. Henry "Bosley" Dobson (former)

Former Doctors

Henry Dobson (Bosley): Bosley is fired by Dr. House.

Travis Brennan: Brennan is fired because he was found poisoning a patient, Brennan was arrested.

Amber Volakis: Amber is fired by House. But later dies in Wilson's arms because she was sick

Lawrence Kutner: Kutner kills himself with his gun. Thirteen and Foreman find him dead in his apartment.

Allison Cameron: Cameron quits being a doctor.

Jeffery Cole: When he and Kutner become friends he is fired for questioning Cuddy's authority

note: the rest of the doctors are still in the show " House has been sad since Kutner killed himself.

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