In House M.D. - Critical CasesHouse Credits are a special form of currency which can be used to purchase any other resource in the game and to speed up game play.  They are awarded in these circumstances:

  • When a player solves any of the Critical Cases for the first time (but not when the same round is played again)
  • If a player plays on consecutive days, they receive one on the fifth day
  • Rarely, when the player spins the wheel of chance, they may be awarded a prize of 20 or 100 House Credits.

As a rule, Supplies cost 2 credits each, and a Ward favor costs 10 credits.  Having a specialist treat a ward patient to get a Ward favour costs 1 credit for every hour or part thereof the specialist treats the patient before a 24 hour period has passed.  $500 in Budget costs 20 credits.  Energy items are sold at a cost proportional to the energy provided, with the price going down in proportion to the number of House Credits spent.  

Like Budget, House Credits can also be purchased for real money.

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