Name Heather
Marital Status Dating Brandon
Actor Marika Dominczyk
First Appearance Adverse Events
Heather was the very hot girlfriend of Brandon, the patient in the Season 5 episode Adverse Events.  She was portrayed by actress Marika Dominczyk.

Heather appears when she hears a commotion in Brandon's studio and finds that he's painted a picture he thinks is realistic, but is actually abstract.  She takes him to the hospital.

When Gregory House learns how hot she is, he immediately starts thinking that Brandon may have been distracted from what made him a saleable artist and he has gone to extreme lengths to make money as a guinea pig for clinical trials.  He confronts Brandon who admits he's stopped selling paintings and wants to make sure that Heather doesn't find out.

However, it becomes harder and harder for Brandon to keep the truth from Heather and he eventually admits he hasn't been selling paintings.  She is shocked that Brandon didn't tell her, but stays with him.  When Chris Taub asks her if it was more important to know, she agrees it was.  This convinces Taub to be more honest with his wife.