Name Hall
Actor Kim Estes
First Appearance 5 to 9

Hall was a clinic patient in the Season 6 episode 5 to 9. He was portrayed by actor Kim Estes.

Hall came to the clinic and was seen by Lisa Cuddy, who was covering for Gregory House. Hall told her he was suffering from colon cancer and had heard that breast milk could help his condition. Dr. Cuddy tried to explain to him that this was very unlikely, but Hall said he had even found someone willing to sell it to him. He just needed a prescription so his insurance company would have to pay for it. However, Dr. Cuddy knew that his insurance wouldn't cover it even if he did have a prescription and declined to write one. Hall called her a bitch and left.

Later, House reported to Cuddy that Hall had found another doctor willing to write a prescription for him.

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