Name Hailey
Marital Status Single
Actor Nell Rutledge
First Appearance Deception

Hailey was a clinic patient in the Season 2 episode Deception. She was portrayed by actress Nell Rutledge.

Hailey came to the clinic complaining of vaginal irritation. She was seen by Gregory House, who quickly diagnosed her with bacterial vaginosis. Hailey told Dr. House that she didn't tolerate the pill well and her boyfriend didn't like wearing condoms, so they were using jelly and she wondered if that was causing the problem. Dr. House thought she was talking about contraceptive jelly and went to dismiss the suggestion, but as he looked up he saw she was carrying a jar of strawberry jelly.

To tick off Eric Foreman, who was his temporary attending, Dr. House called him for a consult. He took a swab to confirm vaginosis and let Dr. Foreman have a whiff to see what he thought. When Hailey asked when she could have starting sex again, Dr. House told her "From an evolutionary standpoint, never".

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