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Glasgow Coma Scale at Wikipedia


Elements of the scale Edit

Glasgow Coma Scale
1 2 3 4 5 6
Eye Does not open eyes Opens eyes in response topainful stimuli Opens eyes in response to voice Opens eyes spontaneously N/A N/A
Verbal Makes no sounds Incomprehensible sounds Utters inappropriate words Confused, disoriented Oriented, converses normally N/A
Motor Makes no movements Extension to painful stimuli (decerebrate response) Abnormal flexion to painful stimuli (decorticate response) Flexion / Withdrawal to painful stimuli Localizes painful stimuli Obeys commands

The scale is composed of three tests: eye, verbal and motor responses. The three values separately as well as their sum are considered. The lowest possible GCS (the sum) is 3 (deepcoma or death), while the highest is 15 (fully awake person).

Generally, brain injury is classified as:

  • Severe, with GCS < 8-9
  • Moderate, GCS 8 or 9–12 (controversial)[3]
  • Minor, GCS ≥ 13."

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