George (private)
Name George
Actor Kai Lennox
First Appearance Runaways
George was the clinic patient dressed as a Confederate army private in the Season 8 episode Runaways.  He was portrayed by actor Kai Lennox.

George first came into the clinic with his brother Sheldon, who was dressed as a Confederate general.  He told House  in 19th century slang that Sheldon had diarrhea.  House started making fun of them and Sheldon got up to leave, but George stayed in character and reminded Sheldon that they needed to put up with House in order to return to battle readiness.  House finally found some samples of diarrhea medication and George thanked House.

However, George later came back to the clinic - he had mishandled his rifle and the powder charge had hit his foot, causing minor burns.  As House treated the burns, George apologized for Sheldon's behavior and their authenticity, but told House that doing Civil War re-enactment had brought them together. 

Later, both George and Sheldon returned to the clinic, vomiting heavily.  They thought it might be food poisoning even though no-one at the camp was sick.  House put together their nausea, their polyester uniforms and George's inability to hold his rifle properly and came up with a diagnosis of arsenic poisoning from the treatment used on the polyester. Sheldon admitted he bought cheap uniforms, but claimed he was being authentic because Confederate soldiers got a very low clothing allowance.  House left as Sheldon and George continued to fight.  

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