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Personal Information
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Sarah Aldrich

First Appearance

Dead & Buried


Faye was the mother of Iris, the primary patient in Dead & Buried. She was portrayed by actress Sarah Aldrich.

Faye brought Iris to the hospital after she suffered a severe allergic reaction, seemingly for no reason. She was sent to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after several other doctors were stumped by the case.

Faye had to admit to the doctors that because of Iris's mood swings when she reached puberty, she had been prescribed diazepam. However, she was afraid Iris would react badly if she was told she had mental issues and Iris thought she was taking Vitamin C.

The doctors found out Iris was pregnant. When they did an environmental scan, Faye was also shocked to find out her daughter was hiding hard-core pornography. When she confronted Iris, she admitted to having a boyfriend and told the doctors her bruises had been inflicted by her boyfriend when he came to see her in the hospital. However, Iris refused to tell anyone who the boyfriend was.

However, they soon found out Iris really had dissociative identity disorder and that her "boyfriend" was an alternative personality. They had to tell Faye that the diazepam she gave Iris had masked the symptoms.

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