Fatty liver



Usually alcohol, but can also be caused by other metabolic problems.


High liver enzymes,

Mortality Rate



Lifestyle changes, medication to regulate insulin levels

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Fatty liver is the accumulation of fat within the liver. It is the most common reason for a high liver enzyme result. Although there are numerous causes of the condition, the most common are overconsumption of alcohol and obesity. However, the mere presence of fatty liver does not automatically point to alcoholism and this cause cannot be distinguished from other rarer causes, such as diseases that affect fat metabolism.

Unlike more advanced conditions, such as cirrhosis, fatty liver is a reversible condition that can be dealt with either with lifestyle changes or other treatment of the underlying cause. In addition, the condition is almost always asymptomatic and is only found during routine testing.

A differential must rule out hepatitis and a medical history must be performed to determine alcohol intake to come up with an appropriate diagnosis.

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