Name Father
Actor Sean Christopher Davis
First Appearance One Day, One Room
"Father" was the father of Kid, one of the clinic patients in One Day, One Room.  He was a well dressed, professional looking African American man.  He was portrayed by actor Sean Christopher Davis.

House had been forced to work clinic duty as punishment and was getting stir crazy with all the routine medical problems.  To try to thin out the crowd of waiting people, he started offering everyone in the waiting room $50.00 if they would leave.  Lisa Cuddy tried to stop him, but several people, including Father, took him up on it.

However, House saw Father and Kid return to the clinic, this time accompanied by another doctor.  House stopped them and the doctor told House that Kid had swallowed a magnet and probably needed surgery because radiology would be inconclusive.  House grabbed a scalpel from a cart, which worried all involved, but instead of using it to cut the Kid, used it to locate the magnet.  The magnet stuck to the scalpel, showing all involved that the magnet had passed far enough into the intestines that it wouldn't cause a blockage.  House then asked for his $50 back.

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