Fang Dong Wen
Name Fang Dong Wen
Occupation Translator
Actor Ho-Kwan Tse
First Appearance Birthmarks
Fang Dong Wen was Nicole's Chinese translator in the Season 5 episode Birthmarks.  He was portrayed by actor Ho-Kwan Tse.

Fang accompanies Nicole to the Buddhist temple where her biological parents are visiting after they refuse to see her at their home.  Fang explains to them what Nicole wants, but they react angrily and he translates that they don't want to have anything to do with her.  She tries to chase after them, but they avoid her.  When she tries to life the Buddha for luck, she suddenly doubles over in pain and Fang calls for a doctor.

After Nicole returns to the United States for treatment, House get a hunch that the parents suffer from hemochromatosis and tracks down Fang to ask him if they had darker than normal skin.  Fang says that their skin color was normal and tells House that, in any case, they seemed more confused than anything and he thinks they are not Nicole's parents.  However, House realizes that the reason they were confused is they thought Nicole was dead.

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