Fake Dad
Name Fake Dad
Occupation Homeless
Actor Mark Hengst
First Appearance Runaways

Fake Dad was a homeless man pretending to be the father of Callie Rogers for two beers in the Season 8 episode Runaways. He was portrayed by actor Mark Hengst.

Callie recruited him to join her when she visited the clinic to try to get a new inhaler. However, House was immediately suspicious, especially when Callie was in a rush to get out of the clinic. Her told her that her companion wasn't her father. When she didn't react, House felt his suspicions were confirmed – a person who thought the man was her father would have reacted with surprise and shock. House went on to say that Callie and her "Dad" had no genetic features in common, and he noted that the man was wearing clean clothes that were clearly too small for him. He told her to "pay the man", at which point she pulled two beers out of her pack and gave them to him. The man hesitated, but hurried out. Callie went to leave too, but House noted she was bleeding from her ear.

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