Name Eva
Marital Status Married to Jack
Actor Sprague Grayden
First Appearance Larger than Life

Eva as the wife of Jack, the patient in Larger than Life. She is the mother of Daisy. She was portrayed by actress Sprague Grayden.

Everyone is treating Jack, who saved a person who fell on the subway tracks, as a hero. However, when Eva arrives at the hospital she is angry with Jack for what he did because it upset their daughter so much to see her father nearly killed by the train.

Later, she confides to the team that she is upset that Jack is always travelling with his band and it puts a strain on their marriage. She is glad to hear that he had decided to give up touring.

However, when Jack recovers, he learns his notoriety has increased interest in the band and they have a chance to go on tour again. Taub tries to comfort Eva by telling her it will only be a few months, but Eva realizes that Jack will start touring regularly again.

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