Elizabeth Stone
Name Elizabeth Stone
Marital Status Married to Fletcher Stone
Actor Erica Gimpel
First Appearance Failure to Communicate
Elizabeth Stone is the wife of author Fletcher Stone in the Season 2 episode Failure to Communicate. She was portrayed by actress Erica Gimpel.

Elizabeth and Fletcher had only been married for a short time, and Fletcher had given up his travelling in order to stay home. When Fletcher took ill at Greta's farewell party, Elizabeth was soon at his side in the hospital.

However, the doctors soon realized that Fletcher was holding back when Elizabeth was in the room. He was more outgoing when she was out of the room, but was unable to tell the doctors what his problem was. Eric Foreman got Cuddy to get Elizabeth out of the room so they could get Fletcher to speak privately with House, who was in Baltimore.

When Fletcher was alone, House realized that Fletcher was trying to say he had bipolar disorder. House realized Fletcher's problem was that he had contracted malaria while trying to have condition unsuccesfully treated in a tropical country. However, Elizabeth came back as House was going on about Fletcher's ongoing symptoms of bipolar disorder when Elizabeth returned. Upset that Fletcher had kept this from her, she left.

As Fletcher recovered, Greta reassured him that Elizabeth would be coming back.

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