Elizabeth Lawson
Name Elizabeth Lawson
Marital Status Separated from Simon Lawson
Occupation Doctor, Geneticist
Actor Jessica Collins
First Appearance The C Word

Dr. Elizabeth Lawson was the mother of Emily Lawson, the patient in the Season 8 episode The C Word. She is separated from her husband Simon Lawson. She was portrayed by actress Jessica Collins.

When her daughter collapsed at an amusement park, Elizabeth brought her to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. As Gregory House was on leave dealing with Wilson's illness, she was allowed the use of House's team. When Robert Chase found out she was the patient's mother, he was concerned about her objectivity, but Foreman reminded the team she was an expert on her daughter's condition and insisted they work with her.

However, Elizabeth's constant fighting with her husband over Emily was affecting Emily's treatment. In addition, although Elizabeth had agreed to work with the rest of the doctors, when she disagreed with them, she did whatever she felt was best before getting any further input. When she said that she was the patient's mother and had to give consent to any treatment anyway, Chase decided it would be a good idea to do an environmental scan of her home.

Chase and Adams found that Elizabeth had been giving Emily an experimental antibiotic. They confronted her and even Foreman agreed she had to have less involvement in her daughter's case. As they try to come up with a new diagnosis, Simon attempts to get Emily out of the hospital and away from her mother. He is stopped when the doctors convince him that it would be dangerous to transfer Emily at this point.

They eventually find that Emily has an atrial myxoma and remove it. As Emily recovers, Elizabeth and Simon start to come to an agreement about their daughter's life and they agree to go to the aquarium together.

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