Name Edie
Marital Status Divorced from Rob Hartman
Actor Paula Cale
First Appearance Finding Judas

Edie was the mother of Alice Hartman, the patient in the Season 3 episode Finding Judas.  She is divorced from Alice's father Rob Hartman.  She was portrayed by actress Paula Cale.

Edie rushes to the hospital when she finds Alice has been admitted, and starts arguing with Rob who had taken her to an amusement park.

When Gregory House wants to give Alice a cholecystectomy to treat her gallstones, Alice objects to giving her surgery before getting a second opinion, although Rob wants to proceed.  Given the impasse, House gets a judge to appoint Rob as medical proxy so they can do the operation.

However, even though the surgery doesn't entirely work, Edie checks with Alice's pediatrician and learns that House is one of the best doctors in the hospital and Alice is lucky to have him.  When House wants to give her antibiotics, Rob objects due to the risk of an allergic reaction, but Edie now trusts House and wants to proceed.  House tries to get Edie appointed as medical proxy, but the judge instead appoints Lisa Cuddy.  

Cuddy soon has to ban both Edie and Rob from Alice's room because they are constantly fighting.  However, Edie comes to visit and finds Alice missing.  They realize Rob has removed her from the hospital.  However, he soon returns when Alice loses consciousness.

Eventually, Robert Chase realizes Alice has erythropoietic protoporphyria.  Edie asks Cuddy who gave Alice the faulty gene that causes the condition and is shocked when Cuddy tells her that the faulty gene has to be inherited from both parents.

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