Eddie (Clinic patient)
Name Eddie
Actor Joel Moore
First Appearance Act Your Age

Eddie was a clinic patient in the episode Act Your Age. He was portrayed by actor Joel Moore.

Eddie came to the clinic complaining of weight gain, nausea, frequent urination and overall aches. He was seen by Gregory House. After listening to his symptoms, Dr. House asked some routine question, such as whether there was anything in his urine, to which Eddie answered "no". However, when Dr. House asked him for a urine sample, Eddie said "no" quite forcefully. Dr. House reminded him that the request wasn't a sample. Eddie explained he was bladder shy. Dr. House assured him that he could use the washroom in private, but Eddie insisted he couldn't use any washroom except his own. He offered to go home to prepare the sample and, although Dr. House thought it was an unusual request, he agreed to it.

Eddie returned a couple of hours later with the sample. Dr. House had it tested and then asked Eddie whose urine it was. Eddie insisted it was his urine. Dr. House pressed and asked that if Eddie had an uninsured friend because it was common for someone with insurance to go to their doctor with the symptoms of a friend to get a diagnosis and prescription. He told Eddie that this would be particularly stupid in this case because the clinic was free. Eddie denied any deception and asked Dr. House what the problem was. Dr. House told him he was pregnant.

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