Ear Patient
Name Ear patient
Actor Todd Sandler
First Appearance One Day, One Room

The Ear Patient was a clinic patient who Gregory House took on as a case in the Season 3 episode One Day, One Room. He was portrayed by actor Todd Sandler.

House was stuck doing clinic duty for the whole day on orders of Lisa Cuddy. They were arguing about it when the patient got out of his chair and started running around the waiting room screaming in pain and clutching his ear. With everyone at a loss, House grabbed a syringe of curare and injected the patient with it. The patient immediately collapsed. However, Dr. Cuddy thought it was a sedative and was appalled to find out that the patient must still be in pain. At this point, Dr. House asked to leave the clinic in order to work on the ear patient's case.

Dr. House got his team together and did a differential diagnosis. He got each of his team members to suggest a diagnosis, even though Allison Cameron agreed with Eric Foreman's suggestion. For once, Dr. House was pleased with all of the suggestions and ordered tests for each one. However, as he was about to leave, he told them to pour alcohol in the patient's left ear and remove the cockroach which had most likely worked its way in there and started biting him. He then left his office and went to the park to avoid having to do more clinic duty.

However, Dr. Cuddy found Dr. Cameron working in the clinic and Dr. Cameron admitted that the case had been solved and they were just covering for House. Dr. Cuddy tracked him down in the park and insisted he return to the hospital to finish his clinic duy.

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