Dr. Wells
Name Wells
Occupation Emergency room physician
Actor Al Espinosa
First Appearance The Socratic Method
Last Appearance All In

Dr. Wells is a doctor in the emergency department at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He appeared in two episodes of Season 1. He was portrayed by actor Al Espinosa.

In the episode The Socratic Method, a schizophrenic patient Lucy Palmeiro came to the clinic because of deep-vein thrombosis. Dr. Wells took her case, he assumed it was caused by alcoholism. Her son Luke disagreed with her claiming that she didn't drink enough alcohol to cause anything. House challenged Wells by asking if he had looked for the varices that always appear in alcoholics, and Wells' response showed that he hadn't. Wells referred the case to House for showing him up..

In All In, he informs Cuddy about a patient with bloody diarrhea. However, she felt it was gastroenteritis and told Wells to give the boy fluids. House snuck out of the poker tournament because he thought it was something more serious.


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