Dr. Taylor
Name Taylor
Occupation Neurologist
Actor None
First Appearance Failure to Communicate (Mentioned)

Taylor was the neurologist mentioned in the episode Failure to Communicate.

At some point in 2004, when House was interviewing people to be part of his fellowship, he encountered a neurologist named Doctor Taylor. House was planning on hiring him until Eric Foreman sent him a resume, House went to Foreman's gym teacher who told him that he had broken into someone's car when he was sixteen. House decided to hire Foreman over Taylor because he wanted someone that was street smart. Taylor went on to be a neurologist.

In the episode Failure to Communicate, Fletcher Stone, the famous author/reporter was suffering from aphasia after hitting his head hard. House was away in Baltimore with Stacy reviewing his billings so Cuddy did not want Foreman and the team to diagnose him. Cuddy asked him what the best diagnostic's department within 40 miles of them was. Foreman told her that they were. Cuddy explained to him that she didn't want them to diagnose him because House was out of town. He explained that he knew a lot of neurologists seeing as he happened to be one. He told her that Taylor would be a good choice and House was thinking about hiring him before he got his resume. Cuddy was going to give the case to Taylor and she told Foreman to call him, but he pouted and Cuddy gave him the case.

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