Dr. Singh
Name Dr. Singh
Occupation Physician
Actor Sanjay Madhav
First Appearance Brave Heart

Dr. Singh was the rounds supervisor in the Season 6 episode Brave Heart. He was portrayed by actor Sanjay Madhav.

As a condition of getting his medical license back, House had to log hours on rounds. Dr. Singh was made his supervisor. As Dr. Singh was taking around House and three other medical students, House decided to be deliberately disruptive. House pushed the test button on the vital signs monitor to fool the students into thinking the patient had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Dr. Singh confronted House and told him that Cuddy had warned him about House. House asked if Cuddy had told Singh how to get him to co-operate. Dr. Singh said that he hoped House would be an adult about it. House said that obviously didn't come from Cuddy, then "accidentally" knocked over a urine collection bag.

Dr. Singh soon caved and signed the forms to make it look like House had completed the entire rounds requirement.

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