Dr. Ron Simpson
Dr. Simpson
Name Dr. Ron Simpson
Age Sixties
Occupation Orthopaedic surgeon, Member of the Board of Directors
Actor Ron Perkins
First Appearance Control
Last Appearance Charity Case

Dr. Ron Simpson is an orthopedic and general surgeon at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and is also on the Board of Directors.

In Control, Dr. Simpson is the surgeon whose patient went mute after routine surgery on the knee.

In Babies & Bathwater, Dr. Simpson is the doctor who initially stands up for House when Vogler points out what misconduct has engaged in, until Vogler points out that all the misconduct he listed only occurred in the last few months.

In Sex Kills, Dr. Simpson is one of the people on the transplant committee who refuse to give Henry Errington a heart.

In Lines in the Sand, House walked in on him while he was performing an appendectomy thinking it was his patient who was having surgery on his eye.

He appears in the Season 6 episode 5 to 9 worrying about Cuddy's plans to end the insurance contract with Atlantic Net.

In Last Temptation, he shows his role as supervisor of the hospital's surgical training program and is initially impressed with the knowledge and initiative of Martha M. Masters until she accepts a temporary transfer to work with House again on one of his cases.

Dr. Simpson appears in two episodes in Season 8 and his credits even give him a first name..


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