Name Imelda
Age 37
Occupation Pathologist
Actor Xhercis Mendez
First Appearance Deception
Last Appearance Alone

Imelda is a pathologist at the hospital.  She was portrayed by actress Xhercis Mendez (credited as "Xhercis")

Imelda is first seen in the episode Deception after the patient Anica, is diagnosed with Munchausen's Syndrome. House thought she had an underlying condition explaining a low anemia level but Foreman refused to let him get any more blood tests because of her condition. He let House run test with the blood left over from previous tests. House went to Imelda to run them. She told him that he would need more blood. House complimented her on her eyes and she agreed to try and run them. However, she learned that there wasn't enough blood so it was impossible to run them.

In the episode Alone, the patient, Megan Bradberry's building had collapsed on her. However she was still running a fever. Cuddy was upset that House was refusing to hire a team so she sent out a memo to stop people from enabling him. House sent out a memo supposedly from her saying to ignore the first memo. House asked Imelda to run some tests. She did an MRI on her. Cuddy found Imelda who told her about the two memo's, she thought it was strange. The MRI showed that there were growths everywhere so it was necessary.