Don Herrick
Name Don Herrick
Marital Status Single
Occupation Auto service entrepreneur
Actor Josh Stamberg
First Appearance Insensitive
Don Herrick was Cuddy's date in the Season 3 episode Insensitive. He was portrayed by actor Josh Stamberg.

Herrick and Cuddy met through an online dating service. In an attempt to keep the meeting secret, Cuddy tried to hide her tracks, but House realized she was up to something and made an excuse to meet her there, having learned of the meeting by reviewing her calendar and finding a listing for a place nearby that she had never gone to before. He introduced himself to Don and was first unimpressed when he found Don was in auto repair, but then found out that Don was a franchisor for a chain of auto lubrication stations.

Cuddy takes Don home and House finds another reason to barge in on them. Cuddy accuses House of interrupting her because he's interested in her, but House denies it. However, Don overhears and after House leaves, tells Cuddy he realizes that Cuddy is really interested in House just from the way she gets so animated when she talks to House, but she doesn't act that way around him. He's probably the first character on the show to realize the dynamics behind the Huddy.relationship.

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