Name Dina
Occupation Stripper
Actor Kendra Andrews
First Appearance After Hours

Dina was the stripper in the Season 7 episode After Hours. She was portrayed by actress Kendra Andrews.

Taub was at a strip club with Foreman. Taub was trying to take his mind off the fact that Ruby had just told him she was pregnant with his child. He decided on a private dance with Dina.

However, Taub couldn't get his mind off of it and wanted to talk to Dina about it. However, Dina was not in the mood to talk and just asked Taub to enjoy the show. However, Taub saw that Dina had a misshapen mole and wanted to ask her if she had had it checked out in case it was a melanoma. When he touched it a second time, Dina called over Bobby the Bouncer to throw Taub out for violating the "no touching" rule. Bobby didn't want to hear Taub's explanation either.

However, Taub thought it was important and waited outside the club. Foreman came out and saw him there, and warned him that Bobby wouldn't just throw him out if he saw him again. Taub decided to stay anyway.

When he saw Dina come out of the club, she felt threatened and pulled out a gun. She ordered Taub to get on his knees and turn away from her. Taub begged her not to shoot, but the next thing he realized, he heard a car speeding away and realized it was Dina.

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